Catalogue [Compositions, Arrangements & Editions]



  • Ave Maria [SAMen]

  • God So Loved the World [SAMen]

  • Illumina faciem tuam (Melody from Liber usualis) [SAMen]

  • Mandatum novum do vobis (extracted from Psalmus Septimus Poenitentialis) (Orlando Di Lasso) [SAMen]

  • Mass for Three Voices (Michael Haller) [SAMen]

  • More Love (Shaker Hymn) [SATB]

  • My Days Are Swiftly Gliding By (George F. Root, 1856) [SATB]

  • None Other Lamb [SAMen]

  • O Son of God in Galilee (Melody by Willing Billings) [SATB]

  • There Is No Name So Sweet (W. B. Bradbury, 1861) [SATB]

  • Three Passion Motets [SAMen]

I.   My Savior, Why?

II.  O Sorrow Deep

III. Drop, Slow Tears



  • ‘Tis Good, Lord, to Be Here (based on ABER, W. H. Monk, 1823-1889) [SATB, Organ]

  • Cantate Domino (Galliarde IV) (Susato) [SAMen, Continuo]

  • Christ before Us (Suo Gân) [SATB, Organ/Piano]

  • Daughter of Zion (“See the Conquering Hero” from Judas Maccabeus, HWV 63) (Handel) [SATB, Organ]  

  • Deal Gently with Your Servants (American Vocalist, 1848) [SATB, Optional Violin and Handbells]

  • Exsultet (Roman Missal) [SATB, Organ drone]

  • Faithful Shepherd, Feed Me (Friedrich Silcher, 1841) [SATB, Organ]

  • Ibant Magi (Joseph Mohr, 1792-1848) [SATB, Organ]

  • In Thee Is Gladness (A lieta vita) (Gastoldi) [SAMen, Continuo]

  • Laud, O Zion, Thy Salvation (Laßt uns mit geschlungen Häanden, KV 623a) (Mozart) [SAMen, Organ]

  • Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep (Procedenti puero, 13th-century English) [SATB, Organ drone, Percussion]

  • My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (RESIGNATION, Southern Harmony, 1835) [SAMen, Harp or Organ]

  • O Salutaris (from Messe brève) (Delibes) [SAMen, Organ]

  • O Sanctissima (Verschiedene Volkslieder, WoO 157, No. 4) (Beethoven) [SAMen, Organ, Strings]

  • O Wondrous Sight (“Agincourt Carol,” 15th-century English) [SB, Organ, Optional solo instrument]

  • Shepherd of Souls, in Love Come Feed Us (ICH WILL DICH LIEBEN, Georg Joseph, 17th c.) [SATB, Piano]

  • There Is a Balm in Gilead (African-American Spiritual) [SAMen, Organ]

  • Wash Me Throughly (from Chandos Anthem No. 3, HWV 248) [SB, Continuo]



  • Dank sei Dir, Herr (Siegfried Ochs, 1858-1929) [S or SS, Organ, Optional trumpet]

  • Go Make of All Disciples (from Cantata No. 95, Valet will ich dir geben) (J. S. Bach) [Unison, Organ]

  • Irish Blessing [S or SS, Organ/Piano]

  • Laud, O Zion, Thy Salvation (Laßt uns mit geschlungen Häanden, KV 623a) (Mozart) [SA, Organ]

  • Lord, Jesus Christ, to Thee I Call (Ich ruf’ zu dir, BWV 639) [Unison, Organ]

  • O Bread of Life from Heaven (O esca viatorum/Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen) (Isaac) [Unison, Continuo]

  • O Salutaris (from Messe brève) (Delibes) [S or SA, Organ]

  • O Sanctissima (Verschiedene Volkslieder, WoO 157, No. 4) (Beethoven) [SA, Organ, Strings]

  • Rise Up, Shepherd (African-American Spiritual) [Unison, Organ/Piano]

  • Rise, Shine, for Thy Light Is a Comin’ (African-American Spiritual) [Unison, Organ/Piano]

  • There Is a Balm in Gilead (African-American Spiritual) [SS, Organ]



  • Christmastide Alleluia

  • Communion Antiphon: Christ Calls

  • Communion Antiphon: Father, If This Chalice May Not Pass

  • Communion Antiphon: I Am the Light of the World Says the Lord

  • Communion Antiphon: Seek First God’s Kingdom and His Justice

  • Communion Antiphon: Taste and See/Jesus, the Very Thought

  • Communion Antiphon: The Earth Is Full of the Goodness of the Lord

  • Communion Antiphon: The Water I Will Give

  • Gregorian Holy Week Psalms

  • Gregorian Wedding Psalms

  • Lenten Gospel Acclamation

  • Mass for All Seasons, 2011



  • Arioso from Cantata No. 156 (J. S. Bach) [Organ]

  • Andante (Excerpt from Piano Trio) (Felix Mendelssohn) [Organ]

  • Bist du bei mir (Stozel) [Organ] 

  • Meditation (excerpt from String Quartet) (Debussy) [Clarinet, Organ]

  • Nunc dimittis (Rachmaninoff) [Cello, Organ]

  • Promenade (from Pictures at an Exhibition) (Mussorgsky)

  • Jubilemus exultemus (from Motet de Sainte Suzanne) (Charpentier)

  • Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod/Kreisler) [2 Violins, Organ/Piano]

  • Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier, BWV 731 (Bach) [2 Violins, Organ/Piano]

  • Sussex Carol [Handbells]


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